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Printable Universe Field Trip Flyer

Printable Solar System Field Trip Flyer

Unlike many outdoor hobbies and activities,
stargazing is an activity that everyone under a clear sky can participate in.

Stargazing is for everyone!

Come and enjoy the wonderful world of stargazing!

We Bring The Universe To You!! sm

Printable General Flyer

We provide stargazing and astronomy programs throughout all of Arizona for people of all ages.
These are fun, exciting, and educational.
Every program is customized for your group and
can be presented from the scientific and/or creational view point.

In 2002 JPL selected Tony as a Solar System Ambassador.

Stargazing For Everyone can customize a special topic presentation,
monthly enrichment programs, and year long curriculum support programs.
Each program is customized to your group's topic and target audience.
Programs can include special trips to the Lake Pleasant Desert Outdoor Education Center,
Lowell Observatory, and other interesting space science venues.

All major credit cards are accepted
for an additional processing fee.

We provide both evening and daytime programs and activities at your home,
local and regional parks, and camps throughout all of Arizona.

Use our unique programs and hands-on activities for home-school group enrichment activities,
special birthday parties, and private/group instructional classes.

We present multi-media presentationss about the moon, stars, planets, constellations mixed with folklore of the night sky. You view the wonders of the universe through our telescopes. We have special professional solar filters for SAFE viewing of the sun. We use our two StarLab Portable Planetariums for unique indoor adventures into the night sky. We provide hands-on activities for use at home or outdoors with our telescopes or binoculars.

We have special equipment for wheelchair access viewing.
Please identify any special needs when scheduling one of our programs
or prior to attending a public program.

We bring our equipment to your event: at home; at a local or regional park; at a resort;
at one of the Maricopa County Regional Parks; or at any location from Yuma to the Grand Canyon.

All of our Stargazing and Planetarium Programs are aligned with the
National Science Education Standards
and the
Arizona Academic Standards
customized to your curriculum

Special camps are available for after school, winter or spring break, and during the summer.

Printable Summer Camp Flyer

We Bring The Universe To You !! sm

We Bring The Universe To Your Home School Group.

Schedule a planetarium program, group assembly,
special presentation and activity, a family stargazing night or
a night of stargazing for your outdoor education experience.

For details visit our StarLab or Presentation and Activity page.

"Comet in a Cake Plate"

Bring a comet into your home with this exciting activity.
"Comet in a Cake Plate" is an interactive demonstration modeled after the art piece "Icy Bodies" that was developed by Shawn Lani of the Exploratorium
for the Chabot Planetarium in Oakland California.

For details visit out Comet activity description.

"Make a Telescope"

This is a fun activity for all ages.
You build a small refracting telescope that really works!
Use it to view the moon just as Galileo did more than 400 years ago.

For details visit our Telescope and Observatories activity description.

For more information and to get a quote

call Tony or Carole at (623) 979-1393, or

e-mail to: Tony@stargazingforeveryone.com