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Classroom Presentations and Assemblies

Hands-On In-Class Field Trips To The Planets And The Stars

Great For Teacher Workshops And In-Service Training

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Field Trip Flyers

Printable Universe Field Trip Flyer

Printable Solar System Field Trip Flyer

All programs are aligned with the
National Science Education Standards
and the
Arizona Academic Standards

Special camps are available for after school, winter or spring break, and during the summer featuring topics such as The Earth, Moon and Sun; The Solar System; Planets; Asteroids; Comets and Meteors; Stars and Constellations; Galaxies; Manned and Unmanned Space Exploration and much more.

Printable Summer Camp Flyer

Printable General Flyer

All presentations, activities, and assemblies address major concepts in astronomy
 and space science; They are scientifically accurate to the latest findings;
Engage participants in active learning;
and best of all,

Many of these presentations, activities, and assemblies
 are suitable for scout groups , special events and birthday parties.

Stargazing For Everyone has developed a set of interactive hands-on classroom presentations
and field activities for all grade levels.
Each presentation is 45 - 60 minutes in duration.

Some presentations are: (click on the topic for details)

Telescopes and Observatories
The Earth and Moon
The Constellations
The Seasons
The Sun

Are We Alone - The Drake Equation
Exploring the Solar System
The Life Cycle of Stars
Exploring Deep Space
Exploring the Moon
Meteor Showers

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Stargazing For Everyone provides school, grade level, and special club or group assemblies.
Each assembly is 60 - 90 minutes in duration.

Some assemblies are: (click on the topic for details)

Our Solar System
Messages to the Stars
Journey Across The Milky Way
Telescopes, Windows to the Universe
Where Do We Go Next - Exploring Space

Astronomy Through the Ages
The Life of Cycle ofStars
Backyard Stargazing
Men and Women of Astronomy
They Walked on the Moon

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Do you have a special topic that you would like to do an activity on or have addressed with a presentation or assembly?  Stargazing For Everyone can present customized presentations, activities, and assemblies developed for your special need.

Special classes on using telescopes, binoculars, general stargazing
and astro-photography are also available.

For more information

call Tony or Carole at (623) 979 - 1393,

or Tony@stargazingforeveryone.com

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