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Stargazing for Private Parties and Events!!

Bring the Universe to your next Party or Private Event!!

These programs are a great addition to Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties
or a private gathering at your home or other location.

Did you buy a "Star" for someone or did you receive a "Star" as a gift?
Let our computer controlled telescopes lock-in on your "Star"!!
See your "Star" through our telescopes!!

View the Moon, planets, stars, nebula and galaxies right from your backyard!

We can provide from one (1) to ten (10) or more telescopes
with astronomers for any event.

See some of our telescopes which are available for your event.

We have special equipment for wheelchair access viewing.
Please identify any special needs when scheduling an event.

WOW your friends and family with a real out of this world experience.

Look through powerful telescopes at the wonders of the night sky.

Take cellphone images of the Moon and Planets through our telescopes!
These images were taken with a Samsung cellphone no editing or photoshop!

Cell-Jupiter Cell-Moon Cell-Saturn

Enjoy an exciting guided tour of the night sky.

Everyone will leave your event wanting to go outside on the next clear night and look up!

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Stargazing For Everyone provides private evening stargazing events
at your home or other safe and secure dark sky locations,
like any one of the Maricopa County Regional Parks.

Bring our unique stargazing programs to your next party or private event.

All major credit cards are accepted
for an additional processing fee.

For more information

call Tony or Carole at (623) 979 - 1393,

or e-mail to: Tony@stargazingforeveryone.com